What is a Personal Injury Solicitor?

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A personal injury solicitor is a type of attorney who specializes in personal injury law. This person helps people who have been injured in accidents or because of the negligence of others. For example, a person may seek the help of a personal injury solicitor after he has been injured in a car accident or after slipping on a wet floor within a business establishment. An individual may also seek the help of this kind of solicitor after being injured at work.

Essentially, a personal injury solicitor works to help his clients file for and receive compensation for injuries they’ve received due to the negligence or fault of another party. Depending on the jurisdiction in which this type of legal representative works, personal injury claims may not be limited to physical injuries. In some places, a person may receive compensation for mental distress as well.

Auto accidents are among the most frequent types of claims a personal injury solicitor handles. This may include not only injuries sustained when two cars collide, but also those that occur when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian or a person on a bike. An individual in this field may help clients with everything from claims involving minor cuts and scrapes sustained in an auto accident to debilitating injuries.


Often, personal injury solicitors also handle cases involving injuries sustained in a work environment. For example, a person may sustain this type of injury because of faulty or poorly maintained equipment in the workplace. Likewise, a person may trip and fall at work and sustain an injury that way. This type of solicitor may also help individuals who have suffered injuries when falling off ladders or while lifting heavy objects.

Sometimes personal injury solicitors also handle cases in which a person has been injured by a medical doctor or other type of health care professional. For example, he may handle the claims of individuals who’ve been injured during surgeries or given the wrong medications. He may also handle cases in which a doctor has misdiagnosed a patient or failed to give him the proper treatment.

The requirements for becoming a personal injury solicitor often depend on the jurisdiction in which a person hopes to work. Typically, however, a person interested in this field earns a degree or graduate diploma in law. He may also have to take additional related courses and obtain training from a law firm or legal organization.



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