What Is a Meditation Resort?

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A meditation resort is a facility which offers classes and workshops that teach the principles of meditation, usually set within a serene area. For a fee, attendees often stay in luxury rooms or cabins and have access to life coaches, healthy food, peaceful scenery, and activities which promote relaxation and reflection. Sometimes a meditation resort will also have yoga classes or similar exercises which are complementary to meditation. Others may be religiously based and have prayer meetings and other daily gatherings.

The primary purpose of a meditation resort is to allow people a place to relax and unwind apart from the stresses of modern life. Some resorts have access to the Internet and other luxuries, while others do not. Many resorts offer daily classes which teach meditation techniques and mental visualization so that guests can continue practicing them once they go back home. Others also have classes on relaxation, mental exercises, and yoga.

Another aspect of many meditation resorts is an emphasis on total body health. Teachers usually encourage health of the body, mind, and spirit and discuss each of these during training. When the mind and body are relaxed, it calms the spirit and reduces stress. This leads to a greater overall feeling of wellness for guests. Reducing stress over time can also help ward off many diseases and emotional issues.


Healthy eating is also usually incorporated at a meditation resort. Some of the more luxurious places have organically made meals by professional chefs, detox diet plans, and other special accommodations, such as vegan meals. They may also focus on fitness and exercise, as well as in detoxing the body while using meditation in tangent with other methods to wellness. Saunas, hiking areas, cycling, and aerobic studios may also be included.

Sometimes a meditation resort will be much simpler in design. Guests may avoid use of luxuries and stay secluded in their own rooms or amongst natural settings to reflect and meditate alone. They may be encouraged to allow their thoughts to remain inward. These resorts may not have formal classes, although some have classes in the mornings followed by time for personal meditation later in the day.

There are many benefits to attending a meditation resort. They can include reduced stress, rejuvenation, and lessons in daily meditative activities so that the benefits can be carried over into everyday life. Some individuals may also learn healthy eating tips and get a head start on weight loss. In some cases, resorts will also have seminars with speakers who share insights on self improvement for all aspects of life.



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