What Is a Marinade Injector?

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In cooking, some meats are enhanced by the addition of a marinade. This is a type of liquid used to add flavor and juiciness and to meat. A marinade injector introduces the marinade directly into the meat. This kitchen tool looks something like a large syringe used for giving shots in a medical office, complete with a needle, and is used in a similar fashion, though the needle is not as sharp.

Another common way of marinating meat is to place it in a tray filled with the seasoned liquid and allow it to soak for six or eight hours, sometimes overnight. If there is no marinade injector available this method will work well in many situations, but the length of time required can be a disadvantage. Typically the meat also must be turned several times to ensure that all parts of it have had a chance to soak thoroughly in the liquid. Soaking for an extended period of time allows the meat to absorb as much of the marinade as possible.


Marinades contain a wide variety of ingredients, all designed to add flavor and to help tenderize meat. It is common to add chopped garlic, herbs and spices to an oil or other liquid base. When the meat is to be soaked in the marinade, the garlic and herbs are normally diced and added to the mix. If a marinade injector is to be used, all pieces must be small enough to fit through the needle in order to be injected into the meat. The pieces are either chopped or ground more finely, or it is made ahead of time and then strained before use.

Using a marinade injector eliminates most of the waiting time involved in the preparation of meat. It can be used to add flavorful liquids or sauces to beef, poultry, fish or any other type of meat, and the meat will be ready to cook once the injection process is complete. Since the marinade is injected directly into the meat it can be cooked immediately, though some people prefer to wait two or three hours to allow the liquid to disperse throughout the injection site.

When using a marinade injector, the needle is normally oiled and inserted into the meat. Some of the liquid is injected, then the needle is removed and stuck into the meat in another spot, where more is added. The process is repeated until all of the marinade is used, or until the meat is adequately saturated. This is a popular method of preparing meat for grilling, but is also used for roasts and for fowl such as turkey or chicken that is being cooked whole.



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