How Do I Choose the Best Turkey Breast Marinade?

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Choose the best turkey breast marinade by thinking about the dish the turkey breast is going to be served with and choosing a marinade with complementary flavors. It is also important for chefs to think about the specific mixture of ingredients used in the marinade and how they suit the tastes of the diners. Chefs should aim to include at least one acidic ingredient in the marinade. Fresh ingredients are also good additions to a marinade, particularly fresh herbs.

Chefs should consider the dish as a whole when choosing a turkey breast marinade. If the turkey breast is going to be served in an Asian-style dish, using a marinade with complementary Asian flavors is vital. Likewise, using a soy sauce-filled marinade on the meat may not be suitable if it is going to be served as part of a traditional British roast dinner. The best marinade is different for each dish, so it is important to make sure that the flavors complement each other on the whole.

The diners’ tastes are also an important factor in the choice of marinade. The chef may think that balsamic vinegar is the perfect flavor, and use a marinade with it as a base, but if the guests don’t like it, the dish won’t be well received. Looking for ingredients that the diners may have a problem with can help a preparer avoid serving something that isn't liked. For example, guests used to mild foods may not enjoy a dish made with a turkey breast marinade filled with chili flakes.

Acidic ingredients should be included in a turkey breast marinade if possible. This is because the acids help to break down some of the muscle tissue which makes up the meat. Overall, this will result in a much tenderer piece of meat after cooking. Common acidic ingredients include lemon juice and vinegars. Marinades should be given at least four hours to infuse their flavors into the meat.

Fresh ingredients in a turkey breast marinade help to infuse more flavors into the meat. Different marinades may include ingredients like onions, garlic, and various herbs. These ingredients can be bought in dried and powdered forms but have much stronger flavor if added fresh. Chefs can substitute fresh herbs for dried herbs and chopped onion or garlic in place of dried and granulated versions. This freshness is why most people prefer homemade marinades to shop-bought ones.


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