What is a Home Protection System?

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A home protection system, often referred to as a home alarm system, is designed to alert residents to intruders and make it harder for people to gain unauthorized entry to a residence. Some home protection systems also include mechanisms for alerting residents when visitors arrive or when children venture into unsafe areas. Many also include mechanisms for warning residents if fires break out inside their homes. Often, a home protection system also calls for emergency help when an alarm sounds.

People often have home protection systems installed because they are concerned about intruders. For example, a person may have a home protection system installed to deter burglars from entering his home when he is away. An individual may also have this sort of system installed to protect against home invasions, which occur when criminals enter a residence without permission while the resident is at home.

While home protection systems typically include alarms designed to scare criminals away and alert residents to a possible intrusion, some include other features as well. For example, a home protection system may alert residents when visitors arrive or when children enter unsafe areas, such as pools or tool sheds. Some of these systems may also include anti-theft devices for a home's mailbox and fire alarm systems. Often, home protection systems also include panic alarms, which allow a person to press a button to call for emergency help, without having to dial a telephone.


Most home protection systems contain some combination of alarms, motion detectors, and door and window sensors. When such a system is installed, it can detect movement in the protected areas as well as the opening of any doors or windows. If the alarm is armed, usually using a password-protected keypad, and a door or window opens or a motion sensor detects motion, a loud alarm sounds. Many systems are also programmed to call the police when the alarm sounds as well as other pre-programmed numbers. For example, a homeowner may program such a system to call not only the police or the security system monitoring company, but also his mobile phone.

In addition to alarms, a home protection system may also include devices that make it harder for an intruder to gain entry to a residence. Some may include special locks and bracing devices designed to keep intruders out or slow their entry. A home protection system may even include safes and security cameras.



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