What are the Best Tips for Home Protection?

Today there are several methods that a homeowner can use to make a home safe from intruders. These devices can be both active and passive. Some examples include guard dogs, security doors, alarm systems, and advanced surveillance systems. Selecting an approach typically depends on the budget of the homeowner and the level of home protection desired.

Guard dogs have been used as a form of home protection for many years. Some dogs are bred specifically to protect their owners from would-be attackers. These dogs include German shepherds, Doberman pinschers and the Rottweiler. Training dogs requires dedication and discipline because they can become extremely aggressive. It is typically better to have a guard dog warn the homeowner by barking rather then attacking an intruder. In many states it is illegal to allow a dog to attack a person.

Owning a gun is another form of home protection. This typically requires proper fire arms training and gun security training. A gun is a good offensive weapon, but it comes with several inherent risks. These risks should be weighed against the benefits before purchasing a gun for home security purposes.

Guns are good security devices but require sound discipline and effective gun management. Guns are dangerous in hands of children. Many children have died from accidental shootings in homes. This is because many guns are left loaded in unsecured areas of the house. Having a gun safe and gun locks are two methods of securing guns within the home.


An alarm system is considered an active home protection device. These security systems actively monitor the doors and windows of a home. Once the system is engaged, any tampering with external exits will trigger the alarm. These devices can be configured to multiple external systems including lights and sirens.

Security doors and deadbolt locks are simple to install and provide good home protection. Most criminals look for homes without locks. These homes are typically easier to enter. A house that includes a strong steal door with deadbolts deters most criminals. These homes require additional time to invade, which adds unnecessary risk for the thief.

Homeowners should have a home evacuation plan. This plan can be executed by family members during a home invasion. Home invasion is a scary ordeal but proper escape planning can help. Many private organizations specialize in teaching families how to deal with a home invasion. This protection tactic is best used in hostage situations. These techniques are typically used by families of people such as diplomats, senior executives, and celebrities.



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