What is a Full Futon?

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Futons come in a variety of sizes that roughly correspond to standard bed sizes. Since a futon is a couch that can be turned into a bed, many manufacturers create these in twin, double/full, and queen sizes. Thus a full futon is a futon with a mattress that is sized close to a full bed. Industry standards in places like the US generally dictate that the full futon mattress be 75 inches (1.91 m) long, and 54 inches (1.37 m) wide.

There are many circumstances where the full futon is the appropriate choice, but it really depends upon the intended use. For people who plan to share a bed, unless they enjoy sleeping very close, the full futon may not always work. It may be a little too small to meet sleeping needs and a queen futon would be a better choice. On the other hand, if people simply like the size and intend the mattress for occasional use for sleeping, or for use by a single person, this may be the right size.


It’s also important to point out that while there may be standards in terms of height and width, the actual quality of the full futon can greatly vary, as can price, appearance, and materials. When people are principally planning on using a futon as a bed, they probably will need to spend more money to get a convertible couch that is comfortable enough for frequent sleeping. Some futons have springs or coils that some people find more relaxing or the mattress itself may be thin but built like a traditional mattress. These also may be more comfortable for sitting too, since they have more support. Another thing to consider is mattress thickness, which isn’t always the same, and the filling of the mattress may make a difference, too, in sleeping comfort.

Although it is up to individual taste and comfort preferences, most people who buy a full futon for sleep may find they prefer to spend more to create a more comfortable bed. Low-end mattresses are likely to be thin and have too much give or are extremely hard. This tends to correspond to compromised sleeping or sitting comfort.

Shoppers will want to consider their space needs and measure carefully when they consider futon size. It’s important to make certain that an area chosen for this piece of furniture has the space needed to allow it to open or close easily. Therefore sometimes a smaller area could fit a twin but not a full futon. Alternately, there may be room for a queen futon, which might be more comfortable. Considering how difficult it is to open and close the futon is also important, especially if this will occur often. Heavier mattresses can be cumbersome, and larger mattresses are usually heavier.



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