How do I Choose the Best Convertible Futon?

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A convertible futon can add convenience and comfort to a living room, especially when guests come to stay for the night. Choosing the best one is a matter of price, function, and aesthetics, so you will need to determine what your priorities are before purchasing a model. The best way to begin narrowing your search for a convertible futon is to measure the space in which you plan to place the futon. Remember to measure out from the wall as well, because futons will take up more space when they are folded out for sleeping.

Consider the frame material to further narrow down your search for a convertible futon. The most common materials are wood and metal, and many different types of wood can be used. The style of the frame will change significantly according to the manufacturer, so choose one that is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. If possible, try out the futon for several minutes, not only to gauge its comfort level, but also to find out how easy it is to use the futon's convertible function. Fold the futon into the couch position, then unfold it into the bed position, and take note of how easy or difficult it is.


The mattress of the convertible futon should be thick enough to be comfortable but thin enough to fold up easily. Try to choose a futon with a cover that can be removed and washed in a washing machine. This will make maintenance much easier and it can help preserve the visual aesthetic of the furniture. The materials used to fill the mattress will vary as well, so consider foam mattresses as well as mattresses filled with various types of batting. Some mattresses feature both foam and batting, so be sure to consider this type of mattress as well.

The best design of a convertible futon is entirely up to you. Keep in mind, however, that some designs and colors will be more susceptible to stains or discoloration from regular use than others. White mattresses, for example, tend to get dirty quickly, especially if children will be using the futon regularly. Try to choose a design that fits well with the aesthetic of the room in which the futon will be placed, but don't be afraid to choose a more daring design if you think you will enjoy the design for years to come. Regardless of the design, make sure the mattress material is durable and comfortable.



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