What is a Fitness Spa?

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A fitness spa is a type of spa that typically incorporates elements of dieting, exercise, and recreation as a method of helping their guests become more physically fit. Guests can make their own determination as to the length of their visit, but a typical stay is usually 10-14 days. During this time, a trained weight management professional will evaluate guests and make an assessment as to their weight loss needs. In addition, a fitness spa typically employs fitness trainers, nutritionists, and counselors to work with their guests on weight management and other fitness programs.

In some cases, a fitness spa may gear its program toward a specific recreation or sport. For instance, a fitness spa located near whitewater rafting may incorporate rafting as part of its agenda. Most spas offer some type of outdoor activities, and often those activities are related to nearby attractions. Some of the more expensive spas offer many different activities for their guests.

Some people may prefer a spa with a strict, more rigorous regime. These spas are targeted at offering results above all else. A fitness spa of this type will sometimes function very much like a military boot camp. These spas are often referred to as “no frills” or “hard core.”


Another type of fitness spa, generally considered to be more popular, offers a much more pampered and relaxing environment. These are more luxurious spas suited to the type of guests who want a fitness program, but one with all the elements of an expensive vacation resort. These spas often offer perks such as private massage therapy, fine dining, and luxurious suites. In addition, many of them have on-site hair stylists and beauty consultants. They may focus on low-stress activities such as swimming or golfing.

Regardless of type, the fitness spa seems to be gaining in popularity. Many hotels and resorts offer on-site spas for their guests, and spas are typically considered a “must have” on most cruise lines. Fitness spa destinations are becoming more and more popular for entire family vacations. This is especially true with spas focused around a specific activity such as horseback riding or tennis.

The increase in the incidence of obesity in children has given rise to the development of fitness spas geared toward teens and preteens. Studies seem to show that these children sometimes do better with weight loss programs when they are in a group setting. It may help them with feelings of self-consciousness that they would otherwise feel if they were in programs with thinner, more physically fit children.



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