How do I Choose the Best Health and Fitness Spa?

To select a health and fitness spa that suits your needs, you should determine what your fitness goals are and what you hope to achieve. Before you choose a spa, do some comparison shopping and consider the programs, equipment, staff, and facilities of several health and fitness spas. You should also consider the location and cost of each spa before you choose one.

Determine if you want the cardiovascular benefit of using versatile exercise equipment, and if you also want emotional relaxation as part of your program. Many spas can offer you all of the benefits, both physically and spiritually. Next, check into the particular programs the spa offers.

Another consideration is whether you want the services of a personal trainer. Some spas offer this along with other programs. You should keep in mind, however, that a certified personal trainer typically gets paid by the hour and services can be costly. In addition, some fitness spas will also have a staff nutritionist with whom you can meet.

If you sign with a health and fitness spa, most likely you will want one that is conveniently located within a reasonable distance from your home. Remember, you will probably want to use the facility several times per week. If it takes a long time to get to the health and fitness spa, you may not be inclined to stay with the program.


If you are on a budget, you will most likely want to do some comparison shopping to find the best membership deals available. Special rates, trial memberships and package deals may be offered as an incentive. Also, if you have young children, you might want to choose a spa that has a daycare facility on the premises. This could be an added expense, but be a convenience for you.

Consider your personal favorite activities and which facilities offer these in their programs. If you love swimming and do fairly well in that sport, you might want to choose a fitness center with an indoor pool. Likewise, if you enjoy tennis, choose a center that has a tennis court on the property. If you enjoy Pilates, aerobic dancing, or yoga, inquire if the fitness center offers special classes for those activities.

Cleanliness and safety should be top priorities in your health and fitness spa. Be sure to carefully inspect the facility you're considering. All pieces of equipment should be in good working order with no loose parts or dangerous hazards. If the machinery does not look properly maintained and things seem out of place, this could be a wrong choice. In addition to safety and cleanliness, the staff should be skilled and willing to ensure your needs are being met.



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