What is a Countertop Water Filter?

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A countertop water filter is a small device that cleans water while sitting on the counter next to a faucet. It battles contaminants and microbial pests, eliminating them from drinking water. They connect directly to the sink and remove things like cryptosporidium & giardia that cause stomach ills, pesticides lindane and atrazine, lead, mercury and chlorine.

Most countertop water filter systems work through double filtration, the first of which is a Kinetic Degredation Fluxion (KDF) filter. KDF is a copper-zinc formulation that removes chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. It also can slightly reduce bacteria, algae, fungus and can even lime scale accumulation. A KDF filter works by taking electrons from one contaminant and transferring them with another. This changes harmful contaminants into new safe ones and passes them into the drinking water, while others are chemically bound to the KDF materials and do not pass into the filtered water at all.

The second system that the water passes through is a activated carbon filter, also known as activated charcoal. Activated carbon is a highly porous charcoal that absorbs odors and colors from liquids, which means it attaches to the contaminants chemically. When certain harmful materials pass by it, it traps them on its surface. It is best at trapping organic chemicals and chlorine. When used in combination with the KDF system, the majority of harmful chemicals and contaminants are filtered out.


A countertop water filter attaches to most faucets. The water is diverted through the filter and comes out the faucet. Since they are small and lightweight, they can be easily transported between home, office, and even RVs or boats. They are less likely to clog than carafes and faucet mounts.

Users can switch a countertop water filter from filtered water to unfiltered with a turn of a knob. Some models include a connected faucet to have direct access to the filtered water. The filters inside can last up to 12 months with regular usage before they need to be replaced.

There are a couple of disadvantages to using a countertop water filter. For those with limited counter space, some models can take up a good portion of usable space. Even for those with larger kitchens, they can tend to make a countertop look a little cluttered. They are also not compatible with all faucets, so consumers should always check with the manufacturer to be sure the product will work with their hardware before making a major purchase.



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