What is a Home Water Purifier?

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Home water purifiers are devices that make it possible to filter undesirable elements from the water used in a residence. There are very simple purifiers that require no installation at all, along with purification devices that attach to faucets. It is also possible to purchase a home water purifier that will filter all water that flows into and out of the home.

One of the most common and affordable forms of the home water purifier is the filtration pitcher. This simple device includes a chamber that captures tap water and runs it through a filter in order to remove contaminants. After draining through the filter, the water flows into the main compartment of the pitcher, and can be used for drinking or cooking. Filters for the pitchers can be replaced with ease and are relatively inexpensive.

Along with the filtration pitcher, it is also possible to purchase and install a home water purifier directly to the kitchen faucets. These devices usually screw on to the nozzles of the faucets, making it necessary for the water to flow through filters before being discharged. As with the pitchers, replacing the filter from time to time is a simple process. However, filters for these types of purifiers are slightly more expensive.


A third option is the installation of an under sink home water purifier. This type of purifier is integrated into the plumbing of the sink itself. The water passes through filters before traveling from water pipes to the faucets. A home water purifier of this type may be desirable for aesthetic purposes, as the filtration device is located in an enclosed cabinet area under the sink rather than attached to a clearly visible faucet.

For total water purification, the answer is a whole house water purifier. Devices like these are often co-located with plumbing leading from the city water system into the home. A home water purifier designed for this type of water purification not only ensures that all water coming into the home is purified, but also that water leaving the home is also ran through filters. The end result is that all water usage in the home is relatively free of contaminants. In addition to purified drinking water, the water used for showers, washing dishes and clothing and even the water used in toilets has a significantly lower amount of alkaline, metal and other contaminants.

The homeowner can install all forms of the home water purifier, although the whole house model may need to be inspected by the local water company after the installation takes place. Filtration pitchers are widely available in supermarkets and discount retail stores. Home stores usually are a good source for the faucet, under-the-counter and whole house filtration devices.



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