What is a City Spa?

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A city spa is a business that provides day relaxation, health, and pampering services. City spas are located in urban areas; many of them can be found inside of luxury hotels. A luxury hotel city spa usually serves its own guests as well as outside clients.

All city spas offer assorted pampering services. Most have massage therapy and skin care as well as manicures and pedicures. Pedicures, for the feet, and manicures, for the hands, not only include nail polish, but also treatments such as herbal soaks and skin-soothing lotions.

Different specialties may be offered at each city spa. For example, a city day spa may focus on luxurious treatments for pregnant women and offer pre-natal massage, soothing foot soaks, stretch mark lotion treatments, and much more. Another type of urban day spa may have an Asian theme and feature Japanese massage and tranquil meditation rooms.

Most day spas serve herbal teas to guests, but a spa may also feature a cafe or health-themed restaurant. The fare offered could be vegetarian or ethnic foods that are nutritious and nurturing to the body. Even if the city spa doesn't have its own cafe, it may feature a peaceful outdoor space in which guests may relax and enjoy tea. This urban space could be anything from a patio with tables, chairs, and beautiful flowers arranged in planters, to a landscaped yard with gardens and benches.


The city day spa experience is all about healing and relaxing the senses. Fluffy towels and robes, flavorful tea, the peaceful sound of fountains, beautiful flower arrangements, and scents such as jasmine, vanilla, lavender, or sandalwood are examples of some of the soothing things that can be found at a city spa. Having therapeutic massage or a pedicure complete with an herbal foot soak in such a pleasant environment can be relaxing and healing to many people.

Staff at city spas usually maintains a quiet, soothing tone in these establishments as many customers want not only the health and beauty treatments, but also a calming oasis away from their work and other stresses in their lives. Some people like to go to a city spa to swim or soak in a hot tub, while others prefer the services such as manicures and massages. Many city spas are also hair salons. By choosing a large city spa with many different features and services, a customer can spend several relaxing hours while also receiving needed health and beauty treatments.



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