How Should I Choose a Spa?

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Whether you are choosing a spa for a one-time visit or a regular service, it is important to put some thought into it. You want to make sure that you are visiting a spa run on professional ethics with a qualified staff. A spa should also be comfortable, pleasant, and nice to be in. By thinking out your needs and doing research ahead of time, you can make choosing a spa a lot easier for yourself.

Start by thinking about what you want. Spas offer a wide range of services including massage, facials, manicures, haircuts, and other cosmetic treatments. If you need a one-time treatment, you probably know exactly what you want. If you are choosing a spa for a more long term relationship, you may want to consider all of the spa-type services that you like, so that you can do all of your business in one place.


While thinking about your needs as you are choosing a spa, you will probably fall into one of two camps. Either you will be choosing a day spa or a spa retreat. A spa retreat is a facility which is designed for vacationing. Many spa retreats offer a series of treatments bundled in with the price of a room and meals, while others have an a la carte menu from which to choose. A spa vacation can be a great way to celebrate a major life event such as a promotion or wedding. A day spa, on the other hand, does not offer accommodation, although it may offer meals and other treats with spa sessions.

You may also want to consider about whether you are choosing a spa for yourself, or a group. Some spas welcome groups of people, and may even accommodate them with group rooms or discounts. Others are aimed at a more solitary crowd, and may not be as enjoyable for a group. In some cases, you may even be able to “buy out” a spa for several hours for a large group, such as a wedding party.

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, look into listings for spas in your area. Eliminate spas which do not offer the services you need. Next, seek out recommendations. Personal recommendations from friends are a great start, as are endorsements from local businesses, especially restaurants and inns. Many spas can also be found in online reviews, which can give you some guidance in choosing a spa. While you are choosing a spa, ask about certification for the staff, and seek out spas with fully trained personnel.

The recommendation process may have settled the issue for you, leaving you with the perfect spa for your needs. In that case, you may want to go ahead and make an appointment for the desired service. If you have a short list of spas, narrow them down by actually visiting. Visiting the spa is the best way to find out if it is clean and comfortable, with friendly staff. Look for staff members who answer your questions accurately and pleasantly, and decide whether or not you feel at home in the facility.

If you are choosing a spa for the long term, you may want to consider asking about spa packages. Some spas offer package deals to clients where you can purchase a block of treatments at a discounted price, for example 11 massages for the price of 10. Others offer sessions which may combine multiple spa services for a discounted price, such as a facial and manicure package. Others have referral programs, in which people who recommend the spa are rewarded for their loyalty with gift certificates or spa services.



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