What is a Children's Fitness Center?

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A children's fitness center is a place for children to participate in a variety of physical activities. The fitness center will generally be specially equipped with numerous types of child fitness equipment. Most centers will offer a variety of programs to promote child fitness. The programs may include different types of aerobics, martial arts and swimming classes. Parents may enroll their children into more than one program offered by a fitness center to ensure they are getting an adequate amount of physical activity.

Many may consider a children's fitness center as a factor in childhood obesity prevention. Childhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem around the world. Overweight children are beginning to develop conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, that were previously adult-oriented. Many credit the lack of activity as being a major contributor to this problem. To ensure that children get physical activity under close adult supervision, a parent may choose a fitness center as an addition to school or daycare recess.


Often, a children's fitness center will offer many of the same things as an adult center, but on a childlike level. The center will generally be stocked with child fitness equipment. This may include objects for the children to swing on and climb, all in an effort to promote physical activity. For older children, there may also be dumbbells and exercise bikes made specifically for children. The advantage of a fitness center dedicated to children is that several adults will constantly be on hand to monitor every activity to ensure the children are remaining safe.

In most cases, a children's fitness center will offer a variety of programs for children to choose from. Some centers may offer programs dedicated to various elements of child exercises. The exercises may focus on proper stretching techniques, strength building and flexibility. One of the great things about such programs is that children can learn at an early age exercises to do to help their bodies, as well as actions to prevent injuries. Even as a child, such programs can help children learn their bodies' limitations, which will be beneficial to them as they grow.

Most areas offer a children's fitness center. Parents interested in enrolling their child in a center should take the time to carefully research the center before enrolling their children into a program. It is important to learn the types of services the center offers, the cost and the number of people available to monitor the children. Many centers will offer specialty programs such as swimming and it will be important to know if the person instructing the class has the necessary credentials. Additionally, it may be beneficial to talk with the child to get an idea of the type of programs he or she is most interested in.



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