What are the Best Tips for Senior Fitness?

It is important for seniors to be physically active and to stay in good shape. Physical fitness can improve overall health, boost energy levels, and help one to feel more confident and outgoing. There are some important tips for senior fitness to follow, however, before beginning any new exercise program or making drastic changes to an existing exercise routine.

The first and most important tip for senior fitness is to receive clearance from a doctor. Be sure to mention any medical concerns and seek advice regarding any particular exercises that might be unsafe to do. Once a doctor clears exercise, plan a fitness program that starts slowly. Many seniors enjoy exercises such as walking, yoga, or exercises in the water, such as aqua aerobics. Of course, if there is a particular exercise one enjoys, that can also be continued after receiving clearance from a doctor.

It is also important to make strength training a part of any senior fitness program, which can help to prevent bone loss and increase overall strength. This can be accomplished through the use of a resistance band, hand weights, or fitness equipment at fitness centers. There are many classes available at gyms and fitness centers designed specifically for seniors, and it might be a good idea to seek one of these classes out in order to learn some safe and effective exercises. Another option is to buy or rent exercise DVDs.


Remember, while doing any exercises for senior fitness, regularly take note of how you are feeling. If dizziness, chest pain or tightness, or shortness of breath occurs at any time, immediately stop exercising and contact a doctor if the feeling does not quickly pass. It is a good idea to exercise with a partner, or in a group, if possible. One should be able to carry on a normal conversation while exercising; be careful not to exercise too hard, which can cause excessive strain on the body and lead to injury. If one is sick, it is best not to exercise on that day.

Another important senior fitness tip is to always warm up and cool down before any exercise. This can be done by simply walking. In addition, stay hydrated while exercising, and be sure to drink water before and after each exercise session. Wear appropriate clothes for the weather, and take care not to become too cold or overheated; remember to wear good, supportive shoes as well. Following these senior fitness tips will ensure a safe and beneficial workout that will help one to stay healthy and physically fit for many years to come.



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