What is a Calculus Teacher?

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Calculus is an advanced type of mathematics that many people study in high school and in college. In fact, calculus is part of the course requirements for not only many math degree programs, but also many science, medical, and engineering programs. A calculus teacher is a person who teaches calculus to high school or college students. Some calculus teachers also work as tutors, providing one-on-one or small-group help for people who seek a better understanding of the subject.

Typically, a person who wants to become a calculus teacher must prepare to teach college students. This is because calculus is usually reserved for those who've reached at least their first year of college education. There are some high schools that provide calculus education to high school seniors, however. Others may provide pre-calculus education or calculus courses for certain advanced students rather than as part of a basic curriculum.

Since calculus is very different from the type of math many people study in elementary school and high school, some people have difficulty understanding it. To keep up with their coursework and have a good chance at success, many people seek tutoring help. To meet this need, some calculus teachers offer tutoring services through schools that employ them, online, or even independently. For example, a calculus teacher may meet students at a library or community center to help them gain a better grasp of calculus concepts.


The road to becoming a calculus teacher typically depends on where a person wants to teach. If an individual wants to become a calculus teacher in a high school setting, he will typically have to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Though requirements may vary from place to place, a person interested in this job usually completes a teacher preparation program as well. After earning his degree and completing the teacher training program, an aspiring calculus teacher usually has to pass teacher certification exams and secure licensing or certification. He may have to submit to a background check as well.

Many people who want to become calculus teachers choose to do so in a college setting. In order to teach full time as a tenured calculus professor, a person usually needs a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). In some cases, a person may begin teaching college calculus with a master’s degree instead. This may happen, for example, if an individual wants to teach part time at a community college or when a person is teaching while working toward earning a Ph.D.



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