How do I Become a Geometry Teacher?

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There are many considerations when deciding to become a geometry teacher. It could mean being a math teacher at the high school level who teaches geometry solely or who teaches it and other classes like algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Alternately, the specialist in geometry might teach at the college level and offer courses in introductory and advanced geometry, covering the many types of the subject that require advanced study. Paths to these separate goals are different, and midway through undergraduate studies, a commitment to one of the paths will be necessary for success.

Those striving to become a geometry teacher at the high school level are really focusing on being math teachers. Some schools may let teachers only teach geometry, but many will ask teachers to instruct students in a number of subjects. As college students, people should plan on majoring in mathematics and gathering a broad base of knowledge in basic math subjects. It’s desirable to gain competence in all subjects taught in high school, so teachers can easily teach them.


After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, the student who wants to become a geometry teacher in a high school is likely to need more education. Many regions require that people spend a year or two more in teacher credentialing programs. These address the issues of how to teach, how to plan lessons and create curricula, and how to make material fit to diverse learning styles. Once a credential is earned, people can apply to become a geometry teacher at high schools. Such applications should clearly indicate that the teacher is skilled enough to teach any math classes.

Someone who would like to become a geometry teacher at the college level will also need a bachelor’s degree. If teaching geometry is the sole interest, any electives in a math major should be filled with advanced geometry classes. During the junior or senior year, students should begin looking for a master’s or doctorate program to continue studies.

Generally, master’s work will qualify teachers to teach at the community college level and doctorate work opens up the possibility of teaching at any university. The latter is the better degree and more competitive in what can be a difficult job market. Since focus is on geometry, it’s expected that graduate students will study this area extensively in graduate school, completing either a thesis or doctorate about geometry. This still doesn’t mean that the geometry teacher won’t have to teach other math classes.

Once graduate work is finished, the student can begin applying at the many schools that might have open positions for math professors. People can look at adjunct or assistant jobs, jobs online, and jobs outside of the area if employment can’t be found locally. Sometimes, the lucky person is offered work in the college where he or she completed graduate studies, but many may have to widen their searches to find the perfect position.



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