What Is a Blueberry Banana Smoothie?

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A blueberry banana smoothie is a frothy fruit-based beverage. It can be simply prepared with fruit and ice for a healthy snack, or filled with other ingredients as a meal supplement. The shake-like beverage is low in calories, but high in flavor, making it a filling and wholesome food.

Fruit smoothie ingredients are usually comprised of various fruits, ice, and a sweetener, such as honey or agave nectar. A liquid component, such as milk or juice, may also be added for a richer flavor. Cooks should keep in mind that adding such liquids to their blueberry banana smoothie recipes will add more calories to the final product. Yogurt may also be substituted in place of milk.

To add nutritional content to a blueberry banana smoothie, yogurt or tofu can be blended in. Adding protein powder or soy milk can provide the smoothie with lots of protein and filling texture. Some people add flax seed to these smoothies for added nutritional value. Cinnamon and other spices may also be added for a subtle element of heat.


Frozen fruits are recommended when preparing a blueberry banana smoothie. They blend well when mixed with the rest of the ingredients. They are also cheaper and easier to keep and have on hand for daily smoothie making, if desired. Bananas should be peeled and chopped before being blended, while blueberries should be washed, if fresh. If frozen fruits are being used, ice may not be necessary, as the fruits will likely yield enough frothy volume without it.

When making the blueberry banana smoothie, simply blend all of the ingredients in a blender until well mixed and uniform. The consistency can be thinned with additional water, if desired, while added fruit or yogurt can help thicken a thin smoothie. Depending upon the fruit ratio desired, the drink may be pale blue to dark purple when finished. Recipes with heavier blueberry content will result in darker smoothies.

Any other berries or fruits may be added to the smoothie for additional nutrients and flavor. Strawberries and raspberries are popular additions to blueberry banana smoothies. When making fruit smoothies, any garnishments may also be added for visual appeal as well as flavor, such as loose blueberries or sprigs of mint. Some cooks may prefer to add mint to the smoothie itself for a fresh, herbal note in the blueberry banana shake.



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