What Is a Banana Smoothie?

A banana smoothie is a drink that is typically processed in a blender, with the main ingredients being juice and bananas. Whole or skim milk, as well as fruit-flavored yogurt may be used. A banana smoothie may have fewer calories than a milkshake, and is considered a good source of potassium. Some prefer to add other ingredients to banana smoothies for extra fiber or protein.

This blended smoothie is often served in restaurants, and may be prepared at home using a few simple ingredients. When making a banana smoothie, it's important to use ripe bananas because these give the smoothie a sweet flavor. Many people prefer to add sugar or sugar substitute to a smoothie for extra sweetness.

Although bananas, low-fat milk, and sweetener are typical ingredients for banana smoothies, may prefer to add other ingredients. Some recipes call for a small amount of orange juice when preparing a banana smoothie. Adding a cup of plain or fruit-flavored yogurt will give the smoothie a nice texture. Yogurt that includes live and active cultures may also add nutritional value.

Some banana smoothie variations will include other fruits. A strawberry-banana smoothie is typically made with fresh bananas and strawberries. Strawberries used for the smoothie may be fresh or frozen. Strawberry-banana smoothies are generally more nutritious than a banana smoothie, and some prefer the flavor.

High protein drinks may also be made with bananas. These drinks are a healthy alternative to shakes when using low-fat or soy milk and protein powder. In addition to bananas, apple juice may be used. All ingredients for this smoothie will need to be blended or pureed.

Banana smoothies may also be prepared as a high fiber drink. Some individuals prefer this as a breakfast replacement meal. The drink may be made more substantial by adding flax seed and blending thoroughly. In addition, vanilla extract may add a nice flavor to the drink. It's best to add other fruits when smoothies are used as a meal replacement drink.

Any type of smoothie should be served chilled, which is why many prefer to add ice when blending. Before serving, the ice needs to be thoroughly crushed. It's important to adjust the settings on a blender when crushing ice.


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