What Factors Affect the Cost of Assisted Living?

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Some factors that affect the cost of assisted living are the basic services the facility offers, the level of care, and the facility and apartment itself. A lot depends on how much care the elderly or disabled person needs, in addition to how large and well-equipped his or her chosen rooms are. The cost of living in the facility’s area will also affect the total cost; for example, if the nursing staff are paid more per hour than other facilities in the surrounding area, it is likely the cost of assisted living is higher too.

Many assisted living facilities require a monthly amount of money that goes toward the very basic services they offer, like meal service and house cleaning. Sometimes, this amount includes room and board, which allows the person to continue living there. Some larger facilities separate room and board from their basic services and instead give customers an itemized bill. Nevertheless, all payments are typically required on a month-to-month basis.


The cost of assisted living largely depends on how much care a person needs. Generally, if a person only needs basic services like food preparation, house cleaning, and medication, the total cost of assisted living can be about half the amount it would cost to live in a nursing home. The cost of care quickly adds up if the person needs help eating, getting dressed, and toileting, however. If assistance is needed in most day-to-day tasks, a person can end up paying double or three times the amount of basic care.

Another factor that affects the cost of assisted living is the room and facility in which the person is to stay. Assisted care facilities with an abundance of amenities, such as a swimming pool, sun room, and multiple gardens, can cost much more than a more basic facility. Likewise, an apartment with a full kitchen will likely cost more than an apartment with a mini-kitchen or no kitchen at all. While the cost of assisted living is important, it is also important to give an elderly or disabled person an apartment in a facility that will not reduce his or her quality of living.

The cost of assisted living is also usually affected by the wider area’s cost of living. In fact, this factor can often determine whether or not a person can actually afford assisted living in a specific region. Some people choose to enter an assisted living facility away from their hometowns because the rent and services are cheaper elsewhere.



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