What Are the Different Types of Assisted Living for the Elderly?

Assisted living facilities have become increasingly popular as the need for assisted living for the elderly has increased. Many senior citizens desire the ability to live somewhat independent lives while having the assurance that someone is available to help with certain tasks and in case of emergency. Facilities that provide assisted living for the elderly include single-family homes, apartment facilities and continuing care facilities. Places that provide assisted living for the elderly allow an individual to live a fairly independent life, but the facility helps out with tasks such as coordinating medical care, ensuring safety and well-being and coordinating of activities.

An individual who feels comfortable enough living in a single-family home might choose to live in a community made up of single-family homes for the elderly. There still is monitoring and assistance provided, but individuals have much of the same freedoms that they are used to. This option might be good for an individual who is in fairly good health but would like to live in a community with individuals in similar situations.

The most common type of assisted living for the elderly is apartment-style assisted living. This allows employees to keep a close eye on residents while the residents maintain their privacy and independence. Many seniors prefer this type of assisted living because many facilities have activities planned for the residents, provide grocery and cleaning services and have staff members on hand during business hours to assist with any needs that the residents might have.


A continuing care community is another type of assisted living facility. This type of facility combines independent living, assisted living and nursing home care in one place. A resident would move in while still independent, and as his or her needs change, he or she would continue to get the type of care needed. Some people prefer this option over others because it allows them to stay in one place for the remainder of their life. They feel a sense of community and comfort knowing that there are always staff members on hand to tend to their needs.

Different localities license assisted living facilities differently, so it is important for an individual to check the laws of the area before settling on a facility that provides assisted living for the elderly. This helps each person understand what is included at the facility and what to expect from the people who work there. It might also be a good idea to have a lawyer or other skilled professional check any leasing agreement to ensure that the agreement is in the best interest of the resident.



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