What Does an Information Systems Business Analyst Do?

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An information systems business analyst, also known as a computer systems analyst or simply a systems analyst, performs essential information technology (IT) tasks. In simplest terms, he or she determines the most efficient way to use computers to accomplish a company’s designated goals. Often dubbed an “IT guy/gal,” this individual bears the responsibility within a company of keeping the information systems functioning at optimal capacity. He or she also analyzes or diagnoses problems within the systems and repairs them. Sometimes systems analysts set up networks to connect a number of computers within a company and assist people in retrieving necessary data from the Internet.

Specific tasks of an information systems business analyst vary depending on a company and its needs, but most IT analysts share several common job responsibilities. For instance, systems analysts typically implement and support common computer applications, as well as develop and apply efficient computer solutions when necessary. Computer business analysts also assess a system’s specifications to determine compatibility with identified company requirements.

Information systems business analysts usually possess excellent communication skills and are detail-oriented. They obviously must have proficient computer skills and a good grasp of common business practices, including project management. Most IT analysts have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and have acquired a few years of experience in the IT field.


Specific information systems business analyst careers vary across the industries that offer this type of skilled employment. An individual who specializes in computer systems analysis may work in companies engaged in business, engineering, or science. Primary tasks would include investigating a company’s IT needs, and then designing and building a new computer system to fulfill those needs. The analyst would also select and configure the appropriate hardware and software to accompany the new system.

An individual who works as a business systems analyst may perform similar tasks as a computer systems analyst, with an additional emphasis on business principles and project management. For instance, the business systems analyst may integrate business and systems solutions, work toward client development, and support the administration through developing the organization’s infrastructure. Some business analysts may also fill team management roles.

Due to the prevalence of computers and related technology, information systems business analyst careers will likely increase in number and value faster than many other professional careers. Businesses and organizations typically need and rely on trained IT experts to maintain their computers and systems, as well as analyze their performance. An information systems business analyst career is ideal for someone who has the aptitude for information technology, IT systems, and the technical aspects of analysis.



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