How Do I Become a Technical Business Analyst?

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The requirements to become a technical business analyst include knowledge of cutting edge information systems, a college degree or several years experience in the information technology (IT) field. Formal training and educational requirements will be different for each employer. Some analysts have a great deal of experience and little formal education while others may be highly educated. One of the day-to-day responsibilities of the technical business analyst is to work effectively with many different types of people while maintaining professional composure. Training customers and personnel in the use and functions of a sometimes complex information system is critical for this job.

Educational requirements for those wanting to become a technical business analyst vary by employer, so be sure to check with individual employers regarding particular educational or training qualifications. Most employers require at least a high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED). Some may require an associate's or a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer software, computer technology or related field of study. Six to nine years of previous experience in information technology or a related field may also be one of the minimum qualifications for this job. Most employers will accept an equivalent combination of previous experience and education or formal training as long as an applicant is able to handle all the essential job functions successfully.


Interaction with technical and non-technical personnel on all levels to gather system requirements requires well developed people and communication skills. Working individually or with a team of information technology professionals, a technical business analyst may be responsible for assessing and developing specific business requirements, providing proper system documentation, and contributing to end-user training or management of the system. Technical analysts may also need to provide assistance to customers to help determine how specific system enhancements could improve business function and process flow. A strong awareness of the various uses of information technology systems and software within certain companies or organizations in the same market and how that affects a customer's business is essential.

Those wanting to become a technical business analyst must have the ability to train personnel, provide a high level of technical expertise to customers, and perform feasibility analyses for various high priority projects. Technical business analysts may also need to draw on a wide range of experience to resolve sometimes complex technical issues. An analyst may also be required to train and mentor less experienced peer personnel. They may also be required to contribute to the software development process and to ensure accurate and complete technical documentation of various information system requirements. Other duties for those aspiring to become a technical business analyst include defining the system and functional requirements of specific products and software.



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