What does a Tai Chi Instructor do?

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A tai chi instructor gives private or group classes in the martial art of tai chi which is often practiced for improved health and wellness. There are a few different schools of tai chi, which is also referred to as tai chi chuan. The five main kinds of tai chi are chen style, wu style, yang style, wu hao style, and sun style. Usually, a tai chi instructor will specialize in one of these styles, in keeping with his or her training. In some cases, the instructor might offer special classes that include instruction in more than one of these styles.

Most instructors teach tai chi at a gym, tai chi center, or at a community center. The classes that a tai chi instructor teaches are usually part of a course that meets numerous times over a specific period of weeks or months. There are some cases where an instructor will work with the same students for a year or longer. The instructor works, over time, to help the students improve their practice.


During classes, a tai chi instructor will teach his or her students about the positions, postures, moves, forms, and poses that are used in tai chi. In each class, a specific series of moves and poses will be practiced and the instructor will help the students to improve their form and practice. In some cases, students can sign up for one-on-one lessons with their instructor during which they can get more intensive instruction.

There are some cases in which a tai chi instructor will teach a class of students just one time. This usually happens when the instructor is visiting as a guest teacher at a school or other kind of institution. In these cases, the instructor must be prepared to deal with a range of fitness levels and experience levels.

It is much more common for instructors to work with a group on an ongoing basis. In these cases, the instructor is responsible for developing a curriculum during which the students will be taught new forms and moves. Each time the class meets, the students should be guided towards improving skills that they are developing while also learning something new.

A tai chi instructor normally does not work a standard nine-to-five work day. Classes may meet in the early morning, on the weekends, or after normal work hours. It is common for instructors to teach tai chi in addition to maintaining another part-time or full-time job.



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