How do I Teach Tai Chi?

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Tai chi encourages relaxation and overall healing through slow relaxing movements. Typically, a person who wants to learn tai chi joins a class and learns from an instructor or teacher. Those who begin to master tai chi can become teachers themselves through practicing the moves, working with small groups within their own school, and eventually gaining certification to teach tai chi from a reputable school of instruction.

Before becoming a teacher, it is important for the interested person to see if she has what it takes to teach tai chi. While she does not need to master all moves or all areas of tai chi, she should be an expert in the specific area she wants to teach. This could range from specific types of tai chi to teaching a basic class for beginners. A good rule to follow is for the person to see what area she is good in that a lot of other people still need to learn. A person who has mastered the basic tai chi moves could teach a beginner class of students and she in turn can learn from more experienced teachers in advanced classes.


Certification programs do exist for tai chi teachers but are not always required. If the teacher wants to teach within the school she learned from, her own teacher may offer her a spot. Proving she understands how to execute the moves she will be teaching may be enough to get started. Those who want to teach somewhere new or simply want certification to prove they are serious about teaching should start by looking for a school or institute that offers certification.

After finding one, the person should take a few classes at the institute to see if she likes the instructors and feels that the school teaches tai chi properly. If the person likes the school and feels the teachers know what they're doing, she can ask the school what requirements she must meet to get certification. Often, she'll need to take a series of classes to earn her certification and teach tai chi.

Once she has earned her certification, she can ask the school for recommendations of where she can teach tai chi. Checking at health clubs or resorts in her hometown may turn up temporary or permanent job openings. She may also consider starting a basic class on her own, but will need to find a building to teach in and get the required permits to teach and hold classes there. She may also wish to start small and find out whether or not she will truly enjoy teaching by taking a few days a week to teach tai chi to her friends or family.



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