What does a Saxophone Teacher do?

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In order to be a saxophone teacher, you truly have to have a love for the instrument. Sitting through the good notes the student plays is relatively easy; it is sitting through the off notes and misguided finger placement that takes work. On the days when the student is not doing particularly well or you are not feeling up to par, the soothing sounds of a saxophone can sound more like an annoying screech or honking.

The saxophone can be a bit of a cumbersome instrument to learn and care for, considering its size. Teaching a student the proper technique for holding the instrument without being uncomfortable can make all the difference in how the song is played. It is also vital that the student learn how to clean the instrument to keep it working properly and sounding the way it is supposed to.

A saxophone teacher may choose to work in a school giving lessons to students. Especially when working in a school environment, it is vital to have a substantial amount of patience. The teacher should know which songs to choose that are appropriate for the student’s age as well as skill level. Each student is different, so each will pick up songs, skills and techniques at a different pace.


Another option for a saxophone teacher is to give lessons outside of a school environment. One way in which to do this is to do them privately as a self-employed teacher, where the lessons can take place at the teacher's or student’s home. Another option is to teach through a music school. In addition, a saxophone teacher can work through a music store if that store offers instrumental lessons.

In addition to teaching the student to play notes correctly, a saxophone teacher should also help the student understand why the music is the written the way it is. The teacher should explain how the notes create a flow to the song as well as how the notes should come together to create a song that is well written. Teaching the history behind the different songs can also help the student play them better.

Being a saxophone teacher is more than handing a student the instrument and hoping he or she plays correctly. It takes patience, heart and commitment to each student and to the craft. Helping others learn the saxophone can be an experience that stays with them for a lifetime.



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