How do I Become a Saxophone Teacher?

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A person who wants to become a saxophone teacher typically spends many years studying the saxophone and perfecting his playing technique. He may study under a number of different teachers, learning a variety of songs and styles. An individual who wants to become a saxophone teacher may study music under an independent teacher or at a formal school of music, college, or university. A degree is not always necessary, however. The need for a degree may depend on where and how an aspiring teacher hopes to teach his students.

Many saxophone teachers choose to instruct their students outside a traditional school setting. In such cases, a person who wants to become a saxophone teacher may not need a degree or even a background of studying at a particular music school. Often, prospective students are more interested in a saxophone teacher’s playing and teaching talents. There are some students, however, who would rather learn from a teacher who studied music at a particular school or has a degree in music.

If an individual wants to become an independent saxophone teacher, he may open his own studio and advertise for students. Alternatively, he may offer to teach lessons in his students’ homes or have them visit his residence for lessons. In such cases, he will typically depend on his own advertising efforts and referrals for getting students. A person who chooses to teach independently may benefit from developing business skills that may prove helpful for his new music business.


An individual who wants to work in another person's music studio or music school may or may not need a college degree or formal training. This depends on the preferences of the person or group who owns the facility. In some cases, extensive performance experience may be seen as a reasonable substitute for formal education.

If a person wants to become a saxophone teacher in a traditional school setting, he is more likely to need a degree. Most public and private schools require their teachers to have college degrees in addition to teacher licensing. In order to become licensed as a teacher, an aspiring saxophone teacher may have to complete a teacher preparation program, participate in student teaching opportunities, and pass teaching exams. He may be subject to a background investigation as well. To teach at a college level, a person usually needs an advanced degree, such as a doctorate.



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