What Does a Job Training Specialist Do?

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A job training specialist communicates with management and observes the workplace in order to get an understanding about what methods and information are required. Training specialists may work within one main job category or several related ones. A job training specialist not only plans and implements skill teaching in the workplace, but also evaluates it.

Specialists in employee training must constantly analyze their teaching tools and methods to ensure they are effective. Job training specialists follow up with clients to check on the performance of the trained employees. Information gathered from management, including employee performance reviews, is used by a job training specialist to test the effectiveness of his or her company's services. Employee training companies must be results-oriented, as positive past outcomes can often get new customers.

A senior training specialist may oversee a team of trainers or instructors. He or she must communicate client objectives and assign specific tasks or projects to team members. Each instructor's skill level, as well as formal credentials in some cases, must be a match with the client's desired objectives. For example, a job training specialist cannot place a data entry trainer in a situation in which computer programmer skills are required unless the trainer also has programming experience.


A job training specialist in charge of others will also interview employment applicants as well as evaluate their performance once hired. Specialists in the job training industry must be knowledgeable about advances in technology as well as trends and changes within the industries in which they specialize. A job training specialist may be required by certain companies to complete refresher courses in a certain industry before teaching about these advances in workplace settings.

Job training specialists must typically work within the client's preferred schedule. A training specialist must organize learning sessions and project meetings so as not to interfere with the general functioning of a company. Business clients usually provide a job training specialist with the specific outcomes desired as well as the best times and locations for teaching sessions.

Designing training programs is a task common to specialists in workforce teaching. The curriculum design must fit both the needs of the client and the skills of his or her learning team. A job training specialist must always be sure to choose the most effective delivery method. For example, a combination of computer-aided learning and in-person teaching may work best depending on the client's schedule and desired workplace training outcomes.



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