How Do I Become a Job Training Specialist?

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Job training specialists plan, arrange, and supervise the training of new and existing employees. A bachelor’s degree in human resources or business is typically required to become a job training specialist. Some type of internship should also be completed during college to gain practical work experience. Voluntary professional certification in this field will often improve your employment outlook. After college, you may have to work in an entry-level position until you gain sufficient skills and experience to become a job training specialist.

A human resources degree from a four-year college is typically required to begin this career. Bachelor’s degrees in related subject such as business or social science may also be sufficient for an entry-level position. During college, you should complete coursework that significantly enhances your written and verbal communications skills. Additional classes in psychology, sociology, and recruitment, as well as performance appraisal and management principles will also be very beneficial to your career. A master’s degree in human resources will be needed if you intend to specialize in management training.


An internship program should also be completed during your college studies. This program will allow you to gain some practical experience working in a human resources environment. Many four-year colleges offer some type of internship program with a local employer in addition to traditional classroom instruction. You may want to consider volunteering your time in the human resources department of a non-profit organization if a college-sponsored internship is unavailable. It might also be possible to volunteer as a teacher’s aide to have some related work experience on your resume.

Seeking voluntary professional certification can significantly improve your ability to become a job training specialist. A professional certification will show prospective employers that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date with current standards and practices. In the United States, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) issues a widely-recognized certification to qualified candidates. You must have at least three years of human resource experience to sit for this certification exam. An exam preparation course is also offered by the ASTD and detailed registration information can be found at the society’s website.

You will probably have to work in an entry-level position for some time before you become a job training specialist. Many employers prefer to hire you as a clerk and then increase your responsibilities as your skills improve. In certain industries, you may need additional formal education to gain the technical knowledge required to effectively train employees. In addition, it might be necessary to learn a foreign language if you are employed by an international company.



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