What Causes Feet Aches?

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There are numerous factors that cause feet aches, some of which include wearing shoes that do not have the proper fit or pinch the toes, or wearing shoes that do not offer the correct amount of support. Certain conditions of the feet, such as flat feet or fallen arches can be a significant cause for feet aches. Diseases such as diabetes and arthritis also can cause aching feet for many individuals. Sore feet or feet aches may also be caused by running pain, or standing or walking for long periods at a time.

Feet aches and pains can be attributed to medical conditions, but often this pain is associated with lifestyle choices. An example of this would be women who wear shoes for fashion, rather than choosing shoes that fit well and feel comfortable. Wearing high heels, especially while walking and standing for several hours at a time, can cause feet aches and foot pain for many women.

Some experts believe that wearing shoes that do not provide proper support or shoes that cause significant discomfort and foot pain may contribute to foot issues years later. These experts believe that irreparable damage may be caused by wearing ill-fitting or non-supportive footwear. Without proper support, the feet may suffer abnormalities in structure. This may affect the heel, the arches, or even the toes.


Poor circulation or circulatory conditions and diseases may also cause aching feet. Arteriosclerosis is one such condition. This disease affects arteries throughout the body, causing blockages and poor circulation.

Diabetics often suffer from foot problems due to slow healing of infections and open sores on the feet. When this occurs, foot aches and pain may result. Diabetics may also notice less sensation in certain body parts, primarily the feet and ankles. There are specially constructed shoes made for individuals with diabetes who suffer from feet aches.

Arthritis is another cause for aching feet. This inflammatory disease affects the joints, causing swelling, immobility, and pain. The pain may be felt in various areas of the body, and wherever inflammation has occurred. It is common for arthritis patients to feel heel and foot pain and suffer from feet aches and soreness.

Many people who have jobs that require standing for several hours a day may suffer from aching and sore feet. This is a common complaint for many people at the end of the day. This is because excessive pressure placed on the feet causes muscles to become fatigued. Some individuals find relief not only by wearing the most supportive and comfortable shoes, but by using cushioned inserts as well.



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