What are the Most Common Causes of Sharp Foot Pain?

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Sharp foot pain is a relatively common condition, and can be caused by a number of factors ranging from improperly fitting shoes to heel spurs or a damaged Achilles tendon. In order to achieve optimal results when treating this condition, it is essential that patients get an accurate diagnosis of their condition. Those who have concerns about the ability of their doctors to treat your sharp foot pain, should not hesitate to seek out a second opinion. For best results, patients should look for an expert in the field of orthotics.

While foot pain can often be linked to a number of serious conditions, it does typically have a much more mild cause. Research has found that the majority of sharp foot pain is caused by shoes that do not fit properly, pinched nerves, or other relatively minor factors. When treating these conditions, patients should work with a doctor or physical therapist in order to find the shoes that will work best. Typically, he or she will be able to refer the patient to a qualified shoe salesperson who can assist in choosing a pair of shoes that will fit well and eliminate any sharp foot pain.


Heel spurs are another common cause of sharp foot pain. Unlike improperly fitting shoes, heel spurs can be quite a serious problem. This condition is most often caused by a growth of calcium deposits on the heel of the foot, near the location where the plantar fascia connects to the bone. While it typically is not possible to completely eradicate the symptoms of a bone spur without surgery, there are several less invasive techniques that can be used to reduce pain associated with the condition. Some of these techniques involve engaging in stretching routines, wearing supporting footwear, and receiving corticosteriod injections.

Another serious cause of sharp foot pain is associated with an Achilles tendon injury. The Achilles tendon runs from the calf to the heel, and is the largest tendon in the body. Despite being exceedingly large, the tendon is also one of the most commonly injured. A torn, strained, or otherwise damaged Achilles tendon can result in a sharp, stabbing pain in the foot, and, like heel spurs, often requires surgery to treat completely. Often, individuals who have been diagnosed with an Achilles tendon injury will also require physical therapy, massage, stretching exercises, and other forms of rehabilitation in order to recuperate completely.



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