What can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management?

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A bachelor of science in business management provides graduates with a wide scope of business knowledge and experience. Able to analyze data and make important decisions, business management graduates make excellent choices for employees in a wide variety of industries. Possible positions include those related to advertising, banking, finance, and human resources.

Degree requirements for a bachelor of science in business management may vary by school, but much of the curriculum is similar and covers the same subject matter. Bachelor of science in business management coursework includes courses in accounting, business law, and information technology. Other coursework will include marketing, economics, and strategic management.

During the course of degree completion, students also have the option of taking specific classes to help them prepare for careers in a chosen field. This combination of classes is often referred to as a focus area. Options include communications, entrepreneurship, information technology and pre-law, for those who wish to continue on to law school. Taking classes related to a focus area can offer expanded employment opportunities, including public relations management and positions related to managing information technology departments and initiatives.

Business management professionals can find work within nearly any industry. This includes work as a management professional with government agencies, healthcare establishments, and private firms, such as those involved with consumer products, insurance, and manufacturing. Other options include working as a consultant in a consulting firm or starting a consulting business.


Advertising and marketing represent a few career fields appropriate for those with a bachelor of science in business management. Entry-level careers may include positions as advertising or marketing assistants to help get real world experience. As employees progress, careers related to managing groups of advertising and marketing executives may present themselves.

Those with a bachelor of science in business management can enter professions within the banking industry. The degree provides graduates with an opportunity to enter management training programs with banks and other financial institutions. Positions in office management and sales management are available.

A variety of positions related to finance are also appropriate for business management graduates. Private firms may hire business management graduates for positions such as financial controller or financial analyst. Other financial positions that may be appropriate for business management graduates include financial sales representative and cost analyst.

Human resource positions also are a possibility for graduates. Positions such as human resource generalist and office manager require the skills acquired through education and internships during degree completion. New hires within a human resources department may find themselves under the tutelage of more experienced human resources management. With career progression, employees may advance to the position of human resources manager.



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