What can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration?

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There are many careers you can pursue with a bachelor of science in business administration. You may, for example, find this degree helpful if you want to pursue a career as an employee in a field such as business, accounting, management, or marketing. In fact, this type of degree may help you obtain an entry-level job in a wide range of industries. Some of the jobs you may pursue with a bachelor of science in business administration include office worker, office manager, and administrative assistant; you may also compete for such jobs as account and department manager with this degree. Additionally, you may find this degree beneficial if you have entrepreneurial interests and want to start your own business.

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, you can compete for a wide range of jobs. First, there are many employers who do not specify the type of degree they want job candidates to possess. Instead, they may simply want job candidates who have degrees, and you may qualify for any of these jobs.


Some employers may prefer to hire job candidates who have bachelor’s degrees that are specifically in business. For example, you may qualify for a job as an office worker or an administrative assistant. You may also land a job in a customer-service-related position with this degree. Additionally, you may find that some employers are willing to hire you for management positions if you have earned a bachelor of science in business administration, especially if you have related experience. For instance, this job may help you secure a position as a supervisor, account manager, or even a branch manager.

It is worth noting that many employers will give preference to job candidates who have earned advanced degrees, especially for positions that are not entry level. You may also have a better chance at advancing within a company or earning higher pay if you earn an advanced degree. For example, your chances of securing a position in management may be improved if you go on from earning a bachelor’s degree to earning a master’s degree as well.

You aren’t limited to working as an employee when you earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This degree offers a wide range of education in everything from accounting and business law to customer service and project management. For this reason, you can use a bachelor of science in business administration to start your own business as well.



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