What are Weight Loss Clinics?

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Weight loss clinics are facilities where a person can visit to gain the tools and knowledge of how to lose weight. Typically, weight loss clinics offer services that include diet and nutrition counseling and personal exercise plans. Some weight loss clinics also offer weight loss surgical procedures, such as lap band or gastric bypass. Most clinics are staffed with a variety of doctors, nurses, and counselors who specialize in weight loss. Supplements also could be offered or sold, as well as other vitamins or minerals that encourage weight loss.

Visits to a weight loss clinic typically begin with an examination by a physician to evaluate the health of the client. Once it has been determined that the client is healthy enough to begin a weight loss program, an individual plan is created for the client during a session with a nutritionist. A diet is formulated for each client and the client is given precise instructions on how to follow it.

Some clients visit weight loss clinics as often as a few times per week. Others only visit once per month. On a visit, the client is usually weighed, measured, and counseled on his or her weight loss goals. If the client is having problems with the diet and exercise program, the program can be evaluated and adjusted by the nutritionist.


If at the initial consultation a physician recommends a weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, the client will have to decide whether or not the procedure is right for him or her. Some weight loss surgeries are risky. Typically, much thought should be put into making the decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

Weight loss clinics usually set up a month-to-month fee schedule. Most clients of weight loss clinics pay the clinic a monthly fee for nutrition counseling and physician services. If the client schedules a surgery, however, some of the cost can usually be covered by insurance. In the result that insurance does not cover the cost, the weight loss clinic will usually set up a scheduled payment plan for the client.

By visiting a weight loss clinic clients typically can look forward to individualized support and attention. Weight loss plans are created on a client by client basis, since each person will require a different weight loss strategy. Clients typically receive instructions on exercise and do regular weigh-ins at the clinic. Since clients work one-on-one with a counselor, they usually can look forward to personalized support and encouragement.



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