What are the Different Types of Vitamins for Weight Loss?

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Some of the best vitamins for weight loss are B vitamins, vitamin C and choline. Chromium is a mineral also attributed to weight loss. These vitamins and minerals have been said to work by naturally improving a person’s metabolism and energy levels, allowing him to burn more calories and complete more activity.

Using B vitamins for weight loss is considered important for boosting energy and metabolism. Riboflavin (B2) promotes normal thyroid functioning, which is necessary for a normal metabolism. Niacin (B3) and pantothenic acid (B5) are used to stabilize the way a person’s body deals with fat so that less is stored and more is used. Pyridoxine (B6) also works to regulate thyroid hormone production and the metabolism. The best way for most people to get all these benefits is to take a vitamin B-complex supplement.

Vitamin C is said to work by promoting the normal use of glucose and fructose in the body. This vitamin may help the body take these sugar cells and convert them into energy. A deficiency in this vitamin might mean the body is not properly utilizing glucose or fructose, and these cells are instead stored as fat. Since many Western diets have a higher concentration of natural and synthetic sugar, many health professionals believe a higher intake of vitamin C is necessary to balance the equation and help people lose weight.


Choline is a little-known nutrient actually made by the liver. It protects the liver from accumulating fat. A fatty liver can not only lead to poor metabolism and fat management, but a host of other health concerns as well. Some studies have shown the more fat a person has in her diet, the more fat builds up on the liver. The more fat builds up, the less choline the liver produces, and the cycle just repeats unless an outside supplement is taken.

Chromium is actually a mineral necessary for improving insulin performance. Insulin is the natural chemical produced by the body to deal with carbohydrates and sugars. If insulin is not at peak performance, the body does not regulate sugars very well and they can accumulate as fat. Chromium may also naturally reduce cravings for sugar and mildly suppress the appetite.

Using vitamins for weight loss is considered a safe alternative to diet pills. It is still important, however, that a person consult his doctor before using vitamins for weight loss. Certain supplements may react with a pre-existing illness or current medications. When taking any supplements, a person should always be sure to follow the provided dosage instructions.



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