What Are Weight Affirmations?

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Positive affirmations for losing weight are declarations of truth that people say to themselves to provide motivation and support for the emotional component of weight loss. Weight affirmations can be used to maintain a healthy attitude toward weight loss and create a sense of belief and self esteem that losing weight is possible. They should be implemented as part of a person's daily routine for maximum impact. The theory behind healthy weight affirmations is that the power of the mind is strong enough to make a difference in the body.

Weight loss is one of the most common challenges adults face today, and there are hundreds of diets, products and regimens to choose from that claim to help shed pounds. Often, diets fail because people are unable to maintain a positive attitude when results do not come as quickly as they would like. Negative thoughts are a barrier to weight loss because they increase the likelihood that a person will give up before his or her diet and exercise routine have had a chance to take effect.


The structure of weight affirmations is very important. Sentences should always be in the present tense. They should always be positive, including words such as, "I choose" and "I love." Phrases such as, "I am not" or "I hope" should be avoided. These weight affirmations should be repeated throughout the day, particularly if negativity begins to resurface. While some dieters prefer to use just one phrase per day, others will use three or more to suit their mood and needs. Some people will write the affirmation on the mirror as they get dressed, while others will write it in a diary or journal.

There are many sources for affirmations to lose weight. Books, blogs and Web sites are all good sources for new ideas. At times, people are unable to find something positive to say about themselves, so having an outside source can be crucial. Most Web sites offer free positive affirmations, and some organize phrases into categories such as affirmations for lightness, release of fear, or releasing heavy energy.

Some popular examples of weight affirmations are: "I move through space effortlessly;" "I expel heaviness;" "I choose to be slim and healthy;" "Losing weight is easy;" "I like eating healthy foods." Such mantras are also used successfully in treatment clinics for people with eating disorders. While words themselves will not produce a change on the scale, they may make the difference needed for positive change when used as a support to other healthy lifestyle choices.



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