What Are Love Affirmations?

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Love affirmations are statements, generally no more than one sentence, that are designed either to attract love into an individual's life, or to improve the relationship(s) that he or she already has. An individual will find an affirmation or a series of affirmations that speak to him or her, and will then repeat that affirmation throughout the day, either silently or aloud. Theoretically, this sends positive energy and love into the universe, and based on the laws of attraction, will ideally inspire others to give love in return. Many people believe this principle and follow these ideas in their own lives; whether it is true or not, it certainly cannot hurt to try to cultivate a more positive attitude through love affirmations.

Some people choose to write their own love affirmations, to make it a more personal experience. If not, there are plenty of examples to be found in books or online. Then, whenever an individual begins to feel negative, fearful, or worried about love and relationships throughout the day, he or she can repeat the affirmation and ideally begin to feel better. Some people speak them aloud, some say them silently to themselves, and others will choose to write them down over and over again. There is really no right or wrong way to do it, since it is a personal practice designed to improve an individual's own life.

The idea behind love affirmations is twofold. The practice is designed to make the individual saying the affirmation into a more loving, positive person, and also to help to eliminate painful, negative thoughts that can become repetitive. Many people use positive affirmations, not just love affirmations, to change their thought patterns and begin to feel better about themselves. The second part of the theory is that by putting all of this positive "love" energy out into the universe, it will be returned in the form of a new relationship or a healthier current relationship.

There are many reasons this could work, but the primary reason is that people who are putting this type of energy out there, are more likely to look for examples that it is being returned, and therefore more likely to take chances with new people. Being a friendly, positive person also makes it automatically more likely for an individual to meet people and develop healthy relationships. Again, it really never hurts to try, and some people have found this to be a very effective way of attracting what they want in life.


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