What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Turbo Hair Dryer?

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While all hair dryers have the same basic purpose, different types of hair dryers produce different results. A turbo hair dryer has a larger than average motor, making it capable of producing higher levels of heat and faster air speeds. The pros of using a turbo hair dryer include faster drying times for all hair types and softer, shinier hair. Many turbo dryers include more safety features, making them safer to use. Despite this, a turbo hair dryer may not work as well with certain hair styles, such as curly or spiked hair, the dryer can cause frizziness in longer hair, and repeated use can damage the hair strands.

A turbo hair dryer can have significantly higher wattage than a standard hair dryer. The higher wattage produces more air and higher temperatures, which cut down on the overall drying time. Men and women with medium to long hair will notice the biggest difference in the wattage, as longer hair dries more quickly with a turbo hair dryer.

Ionic turbo dryers use ions to dry the hair. The ions separate the water molecules from the hair strand, rather than just using heat to dry the strand. Removing the water from the hair without applying excess heat leaves the hair moisturized, and as a result, the hair feels softer and looks shinier.


Many turbo hair dryers have advanced features, including extra safety features. For example, the hair dryer may automatically shut itself off if the temperature inside reaches a certain point. Some hair dryers also include an automatic shorting feature that shorts the appliance out if it senses water. These safety features can greatly reduce the fire and electrocution hazard associated with small electrical appliances in a bathroom.

The high power of a turbo hair dryer may make styling certain hair styles difficult. Curly hair looks best if allowed to dry naturally or dried on a very low speed. Other styles, such as spiked hair, may be flattened by the turbo dryer because it produces too much air to give the style time to stand upward before drying completely.

Extended or repeat use of a turbo hair dryer can cause damage to the hair. After several uses, men and women may notice split ends, dullness, or broken hair strands. This damage comes from the heat produced by the dryer. The heat can also cause the hair strands to frizz, especially with curly hair.



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