How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Men?

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While many men prefer to let their hair air dry, younger men with thicker, fuller hair often use blow dryers to help them style their hair into a more controlled look. The best hair dryer for men depends on the type of hair and overall lifestyle of the man in question. More active men who travel frequently and shower at the gym may need a smaller dryer that can fit into a small bag for easy storage. Men with long, thick hair may prefer a higher-wattage models that can dry their hair in a shorter period of time. Older men with thinning hair may wish to look at models with less powerful settings and cooler temperatures to avoid damaging their remaining hair.

In general, hair dryer models are divided by power and size. The largest and most powerful models are designed for use at home or in a hair salon. These models will dry hair quickly and may offer a variety of attachments, such as diffusers and combs that can help add body and style to hair. Such models may provide the best hair dryer for men with thick, long hair that can benefit from the power and versatility of these dryers.

A model with less wattage or a lower power setting may be a better hair dryer for men with short or thinning hair. It takes less time and energy to dry short hair, so these users can benefit from a smaller hair dryer that is easier to store and requires less power to operate. The lower power also will do less damage to the hair follicles, which is a concern for many men who have thinning hair or a receding hairline. These models also are typically cheaper than the larger, professional-grade dryers.

Portable models are generally the best hair dryer for men who travel a lot or frequently shower away from home. While many hotels now offer a hair dryer in each room as an amenity, some men are more comfortable using their own dryer to help style their hair before an important meeting. Some portable hair dryers are essentially regular models with folding handles, while others have a much smaller form factor along with less wattage. Men with thicker hair may have difficulty drying their hair with these lower-wattage models, so that is an important factor to consider when purchasing a travel dryer or giving one as a gift.


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I travel a lot and I have very short hair, so I just use a travel size hair dryer, at home and while traveling.

Post 2

@turkay1-- If you have thinning or damaged hair, powerful settings can make you lose hair. Otherwise, it should be fine.

If you just started styling your hair or have a simple hairstyle, most hair dryers will work. But if you start experimenting with more hairstyles, you might want to get your own hair dryer. Or just keep using your sister's because it sounds like her hair dryer is a good one.

I personally use one with lots of settings. When I use a air straightener, I use the cool setting wit low power on my hair dryer to reduce damage to my hair. If you decide to buy one, I also recommend getting a diffuser with the dryer. Those are awesome, especially for curly hair styles.

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So do powerful hair dryers cause hair loss?

I don't have a hair dryer, I just use my sister's. She has a very powerful one with three different power and heat settings. I usually use medium power and medium heat. I don't like the cooler setting and low power because it takes longer for my hair to dry. I'm also avoiding the very hot and powerful setting to prevent hair loss.

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