What are the Different Ways of Remodeling a Small Kitchen?

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There are many different ways of remodeling a small kitchen. One might choose to do a complete overhaul and replace the floors, cabinets, and countertops, as well as purchase all new appliances. This might not always be possible if one has limited finances, however, but there are some simple steps that can completely change the look of the kitchen. When remodeling a small kitchen, it is important to maximize the space, and often to use items that are decorative as well as functional.

A pot rack mounted on the ceiling, for example, can be one step to remodeling a small kitchen. This can free up space in the cabinets or on the counters, as well as adding visual interest to the kitchen. Hooks mounted under cabinets for holding mugs can serve the same purpose. The spaces under cabinets in kitchens are often under utilized, but can be a great place to put hanging items and thereby increase usable counter space. Switching out a larger kitchen table for a smaller one, adding built-in shelves, or removing a large center island are all great ways to remodel a small kitchen and increase usable space.


Changing the paint colors or the cabinet hardware are other simple ways to begin remodeling a small kitchen. Though it is a bit of a project, painting the cabinets can give them new life without needing to invest a great deal of money. In small kitchens, it is generally a good idea to keep the walls and the cabinets a light color, and to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room. The countertops may be darker, but one will generally want to avoid creating a whole room full of dark colors, which will make it look smaller. Experts will sometimes recommend using larger tiles on the floor, which can create the illusion of a larger space.

When remodeling a small kitchen, it might be necessary to eliminate some otherwise desirable items. For example, a large sink can be a great addition to a kitchen, but it also eats up valuable counter space, so a smaller sink might be a better choice. The same is true of appliances; large refrigerators are convenient, but they also take up quite a bit of kitchen real estate. It is important to consider the space as a whole when remodeling a small kitchen, and to choose appliances, furniture, and decor that are aesthetically appealing as well as useful and efficient space savers.



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