What are the Different Types of Green Home Remodeling?

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There are many ways to use green home remodeling to improve the energy efficiency and appeal of any home. Greening a home means making changes to the structure and the important components of the home to make it more efficient and less wasteful, which is meant to be good for the environment. A green home uses less electricity, water, oil, and other natural resources by using readily available and renewable sources of power.

A basic type of green home remodeling involves making small changes to reduce the amount of energy the home uses and cut down on energy bills at the same time. These changes can be as simple as replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. Adding a recycling center and reusing containers cuts down on plastic and glass waste. Another simple and quick green home remodeling project is adding an insulated covering to a hot water heater to reduce energy waste.

For a simple green home remodeling initiative, replace your home's appliances. Appliances that are wearing out can be replaced with more energy-efficient models. Home appliance manufacturers produce increasingly efficient appliances that use less power and last longer than ever before.


To make a beautiful green home remodeling change, try adding some landscaping updates that maximize nature’s ability to keep a home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Planting shade trees near areas where sunlight is most often beating down on a home’s roof will help a house stay cooler and reduce the amount of energy used for air conditioning. In addition, as the trees grow and take on the snow and rain, the home will feel more comfortable and use less heat. A replacement roof can be made of green building materials so the home will use less energy.

In some cases, the only substantial way to make a home more earth friendly is to completely remodel or rebuild the home with all-natural materials and zero energy technology. Green home remodeling in this case is more expensive, but can ideally pay for itself over time by reducing energy use. A completely green home will be powered by sunlight and blend in well with natural surroundings.



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