What are the Different Uses for Granite Gravel?

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Granite gravel can be widely used around the exterior of the house for various purposes. Some homeowners, for example, use it as ground cover for low maintenance yards, as they do not want grass. It can also be used as a decorative feature in landscaping, such as in a rock garden or dry river bed that runs throughout the yard. For those who prefer the natural look over concrete, granite gravel is often used as the surface for a driveway or walkway to the house.

Not everyone wants a lawn in their front or back landscaping, as they need a yard that is low maintenance. This is often called desert landscaping, and it usually involves using rocks and a few hardy plants and trees that do not need to be watered or pruned often. In such yards, granite gravel is usually the main feature, as several tons of it cover most of the yard. Hills can be created for decorative purposes using fill dirt underneath the gravel, and plants and trees can be interspersed. For the most part, though, granite gravel is usually appealing and colorful enough on its own that it can be used as the primary attraction in any low maintenance yard.


Though most homeowners opt to have some grass in their yard, they may want to add granite gravel to create some contrast. One popular example is a dry river bed that can meander through a yard that features grass or other types of rock. While some people use smooth river rock or jagged riprap in their river beds, others prefer granite due to the various colors that it tends to feature. This is especially true if they already have a lot of gray or black in their yard and want to mix up the colors a bit. A rock garden is another decorative feature that some people place in their yard, and it usually consists of granite gravel that surrounds a few flowering plants.

Concrete is typically used on driveways, but some people use granite gravel instead. It may be a way to temporarily cover the ground while the homeowner saves up money to install concrete, or it may be a personal preference, such as to have the ability to keep the exterior of the house looking natural. It tends to look particularly nice when it is regularly raked, giving it a neat yet rustic appearance. Granite gravel can also be used on walkways outside the home, as it offers the same natural and low maintenance look as a driveway made of gravel usually does.



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