What are the Best Tips for Building a Gravel Walkway?

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When building a gravel walkway, homeowners should make sure the ground is level. An additional layer of sand or dirt is often added in order to level the ground. Plastic or weed control fabric can be added before spreading rock to prevent weeds from sprouting through. The exact dimensions can be marked with chalk or marking paint. People should also make sure they have gravel that is the correct size for the job.

Sand or fill dirt can be placed in the area where a gravel walkway is planned. After this, it can be smoothed out with a rake to make it level. Extra material can be added to dips or holes so the ground is as flat as possible before the stone is put into place.

Before rock is added, homeowners may also want to put a form of weed block in place. This can be a heavy plastic or thick fabric designed for use in flowerbeds. The material can be placed directly on top of the sand or fill dirt, and then trimmed to fit as needed. This step is not mandatory, but is a good idea if the gravel walkway is in a low foot traffic area.


Another thing that can be done before gravel is spread is to mark the walkway with chalk or spray paint. This is especially helpful if the path has a curved or unusual shape. Marking with chalk or spray paint will help make sure the gravel walkway is neither too wide or too narrow. The lines also tell people how far to spread the rock after it is dumped.

It is extremely important to choose the right size rock. Gravel that is too big can be uncomfortable to walk on, and small gravel may not last very long. It might be a good idea to check with quarry personnel to see what size they recommend for a gravel walkway. When talking with quarry personnel, a homeowner should know the length of the walkway and how thick they might want the stone to be.

A gravel walkway can be a welcome addition to a garden area or backyard. Building one can sometimes be challenging work for many people. Knowing the best way to do construct the walkway can make the job a little easier. People who take the time to plan the building of this path often find the process runs much smoother and is completed faster than if they had not done any research prior to doing so.



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