What Are the Different Uses for Attic Space?

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Attics are often small and somewhat cramped, but in many cases, there are useful ways to take advantage of attic space. One of the most common ways to use an attic is simply for storage, and many people keep everything from boxes of junk to antiques in their attics. Another way to use an attic is to remodel the space and turn it into some kind of extra room. This could include anything from a small guest bedroom to a home office.

Since attic space isn’t usually very large, and because the ceilings are often shaped inconveniently, many people don’t choose to actually set up a living environment in an attic. These individuals still usually take advantage of their attics by using them for storage. Over time, people accumulate keepsakes and other items that take up a lot of space but aren’t really suitable for throwing away. For many people, the attic can be a perfect place to store things like this because it keeps the stuff out of harm’s way, but still leaves it close enough for easy access. If an attic is used to store important keepsakes, an individual might want to take extra precautions when it comes to roof leaks because of the potential for water damage.


One of the other very common ways to use attic space is to set up a bedroom. Usually, these would be used as secondary guest bedrooms since they will generally be rather small. When people do this with their attics, they will often go to extra lengths to make the room feel more comfortable. For example, they might install skylights to make the room seem larger and paint with bright colors to make sure the space doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

Some people find that attic space is perfect for setting up some kind of secondary room to serve a very specific purpose. For example, a person might set up a space for crafting, a study, a library, or something similar. Many people also like to set up a home office in their attic since there is usually plenty of space to allow for a desk and a computer. People setting up an attic for a secondary room like this may not go to quite as much trouble as those setting up a bedroom in terms of trying to make the space visually appealing, since the rooms may only exist for simple utility.



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