What Are the Best Tips for Attic Mold Remediation?

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Some of the best tips for attic mold remediation concentrate on the safe removal of the mold as well as the prevention of future mold growth. Tips include using exhaust fans and vents to remove moisture from the attic, removing mold-infected insulation and using chemical cleaners to remove mold from the structure itself. Other tips for attic mold remediation include repainting the attic with treated paint, placing contaminated articles in plastic bags and installing dehumidifiers in the storage space to wick away excess moisture. Tips for safety include limiting contact with the mold, wearing protective clothing while in the attic and circulating plenty of fresh air into the attic through the use of fans.

Attic mold is a common occurrence in many attics due to the constant climate change in the structure. This is caused by heat from the building rising and becoming trapped under the roof. The heat forms condensation that can dampen all of the contents of the attic.

The attic, being a typically low-traffic area, often continues the cycle of heat, moisture and condensation, creating a need for attic mold remediation. The mold problem is serious because it can make humans sick with what is known as toxic mold poisoning. This can not only cause immediate illness, it can be responsible for causing cancer over a period of prolonged exposure.


One of the best tips concerning attic mold remediation is to remove all of the mold growth in the attic. By placing the mold-covered contents in plastic bags, the mold spores can be contained. Paper, cardboard and any soft materials, such as rugs and clothing, should be removed. These items should be disposed of properly according to local rules for the removal of mold-infected materials. Another tip is to install proper attic vents that will aid in attic mold remediation by removing moisture. Several types of vents are available. Often, it is helpful to ask a local contractor or builder to recommended a vent for any given application.

Occasionally, painting an attic using a paint treated to combat the growth of mold is a required step in the attic mold remediation process. The best tip for this is to remove all of the contents from the attic and apply the paint to every area of the space. Another tip that may aid in this step is to use a spray applicator to mist the special paint into all cracks and crevices in the walls, ceiling and floors of the attic.



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