What are the Different Urinary Tract Infection Causes?

Urinary tract infections can occur in men and women, but they are far more common in women simply for anatomical reasons. There are a few different urinary tract infection causes, but the two most common are sexual intercourse and improper hygiene. Some people are simply more prone to urinary tract infections than others, and some women experience multiple urinary tract infects throughout their lifetimes.

Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria is introduced into the urethra; typically, this is E. coli bacteria from the bowel. The bacteria then travels up the urethra to the bladder, where it causes the infection; if left untreated, it can travel into the kidneys and cause a serious kidney infection. It is important to learn the urinary tract infection causes to prevent the infections from occurring.

One of the more common urinary tract infection causes is sexual intercourse, and one of the ways to prevent it is to urinate after sexual intercourse. This will help to flush out any bacteria that were introduced into the urinary tract. In addition, practice proper hygiene and always wipe from front to back after using the restroom; these two practices will help to prevent the majority of urinary tract infections.


Another one of the urinary tract infection causes is waiting too long to urinate, and not drinking enough water throughout the day. It is important to drink enough water and urinate regularly, again to prevent bacteria from building up in the urethra and the bladder. Sometimes, if one starts to feel a urinary tract infection beginning, it can be stopped in its tracks by drinking a lot of water and sugar-free cranberry juice, which can help to flush out the bladder and restore the balance of bacteria.

Some people are simply more susceptible to these infections, even when they are careful about the various urinary tract infection causes. These include pregnant women, people with suppressed immune systems, people who suffer from kidney stones, or those who cannot empty the bladder completely for medical reasons. Infants and children can also be somewhat more susceptible to infection than others. If one believes that a urinary tract infection has occurred, it is important to visit a doctor to receive simple antibiotic treatment; this prevents the condition from worsening and traveling into the kidneys. During treatment it is important to drink extra water throughout the day, and over the counter pain medication can usually be taken for any pain or discomfort.



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