What are the Best Tips for Proper Hygiene?

Proper hygiene is important both for appearance and health. Good hygienic practices can help ensure that a person will look and smell clean and fresh. Hand-washing is a big part of cleanliness, and helps kill germs and bacteria on the hands that make us sick. Everyone should practice good body care that keeps skin, hair, teeth, nails, and clothes as clean as possible. Developing a routine that makes this second nature is one of the best ways to make proper hygiene a part of every day.

Personal cleanliness includes frequent baths. Bathing daily is an easy and enjoyable way to get clean. It doesn't matter whether each day's bath or shower takes place in the morning, at night, or during some other part of the day. The best thing to do is find a time that works, and make it a habit so a daily bath or shower becomes automatic. It is a good idea to wash the skin of the face before bed or on rising when bathing is not possible. Teenagers may find this especially useful because of extra oil production that can make their faces feel greasy and cause acne.


Hair should be washed regularly to keep it clean. Some people prefer to wash their hair every day, but this isn't always necessary. The climate, the amount a person sweats, and whether his hair tends to get oily will generally affect how often it is necessary to wash it. There are no hygiene rules that say it must be washed during every shower or bath, but doing so will ensure it is done often enough to stay clean. Also, while it isn't technically body care, wearing clean clothes is part of proper hygiene. A clean person wearing soiled clothing won't look or smell clean, and may expose himself to germs and bacteria from dirt and body oils in the clothing.

Good dental care is also essential for proper hygiene. Brushing the teeth and flossing between them in the morning and at night is an excellent habit to form. Someone who is able may also wish to brush and floss in the middle day, after lunch. Brushing and flossing help prevent cavities and gum disease, as well as help breath stay fresh throughout the day. Finally, keeping the toenails and fingernails clean and clipped is part of good personal care. For instance, nails — particularly fingernails — shouldn't have dirt beneath them. Hand-washing helps prevent this, and a small nail brush can help scrub dirt away. Nails should be neatly clipped on a regular basis, and not broken or ragged.

Proper hygiene doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. A bath each day, clean and properly brushed hair, groomed nails, a washed face and clean teeth will give each person a pleasant appearance. Frequent hand-washing throughout the day is also part of proper hygiene, and is extra important during cold and flu season to prevent illness. Staying clean makes people look better, but more importantly it helps them stay healthier.



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