What are the Different Types of Upholstery Classes?

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The different kinds of upholstery classes vary widely depending on where the classes are held, the duration of the classes, and what topics will be covered. For example, upholstery classes can be held anywhere from a university to an individual’s home. There are classes that attempt to cover everything in a single class period, while other classes may meet a few times each week for several months, covering one topic at a time. In addition, some upholstery classes may focus on residential projects, while others may teach students how to put new upholstery in their vehicles, work places, or other sites.

The most traditional upholstery classes will be held in a classroom setting. For example, classes may be offered at a local college, university, trade school, or art school. These classes may meet anywhere from once a week to several times each week. Generally, these types of classes will last for at least a few months.

In many cases, upholstery classes taught in a traditional setting will teach the students the basics of upholstery. This may include hands-on upholstery skills and instructions on using a commercial-grade sewing machine and other tools. Often, students will learn how to engage in good consumer relations as well. The class may also give them information on business laws and tips for operating a company based around upholstery. This is most useful for people wanting to start their own upholstery businesses.


Some fabric stores or home décor stores may offer upholstery classes as well. These classes may last anywhere from one day to a full week. Generally, these programs are either more basic or extremely focused on only a few aspects of upholstering. They usually do not provide information on how to run a fabric store or an upholstery business.

There are some upholstery classes that are available through home study. These classes typically occur through the use of a DVD, book, or online site. Generally, these classes are broader in nature. Only rarely will a student be able to ask questions if the classes are taken in this manner. In addition, the information available for home study may be in the form of specific classes, or it may be a general, catch-all of information.

Upholstery classes may focus on a wide range of topics. Some classes may provide a general overview of the upholstery industry, while others may focus on specifics related to upholstery. Many people will find special instruction useful, particularly if they are focusing on a certain project. For example, there may be detailed instructions on how to cover a stool, a cushion, or a chair. There may also be specific information for people wanting to reupholster a motorized vehicle.



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