How Do I Choose the Best Online Sewing Classes?

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A range of factors might influence your choice of the best online sewing classes. First, it’s usually important to select a class that matches your current level of ability. You might also prefer classes that take gradual, step-by-step approaches to instruction. Classes that include lots of photographs and videos might be easier to follow. Online sewing classes that offer a good deal of instructor support might also be beneficial.

Selecting online sewing classes based on your current level of ability usually is important. If you choose an intermediate class because you like the planned projects more and think you can catch up, you are likely to struggle, enjoy the class less and possibly learn less. The same goes for choosing a beginner’s class when you have advanced sewing skills. Such a choice might lead to boredom.

After you've chosen a course level, selecting online sewing classes that take step-by-step approaches to instruction might be advantageous. Sewing is a step-based craft that requires the understanding of various stitches and techniques. A class that skips ahead to complicated techniques or provides vague steps might make learning to sew much more of a challenge. Likewise, step-by-step classes are often beneficial because they allow you to learn not just what you should do but also why you are doing it. Additionally, step-by-step instructional methods often make it easier to go back and correct mistakes.


You might also benefit from choosing online sewing classes based on the graphics that are included. This is critical because learning how to sew from written instruction alone can be very difficult. A class that provides photographs to go along with each step might make learning significantly easier. A class that includes video instruction also can be beneficial, because you can see the position of the instructor’s hands, his or her equipment and the fabric during the lesson. You also can rewind a video to go back to a trouble spot if necessary.

Photographs and videos that accompany lessons are often helpful, but "before, after and during" photographs or videos might ease your learning experience as well. These graphics can demonstrate how your project should look at the beginning as well as how it should look at periodic points during a lesson. An "after" photograph might help you judge whether the end result appears as it should or you need to try again.

Some online sewing classes provide more instructor support than others, and you might benefit from a class that allows you to speak with, email or message your instructor as needed. This can be helpful if you have a question or concern or if you are struggling with a technique and need some extra guidance. Additionally, you might find some online courses that allow instructor-student interaction via video conferencing. Such technology might make it easier to get extra help when you need it.



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